VESS “Meaningful Life with Balance and Wisdom”

VESS arises from the passion for education and the need to transform society, reflecting on the best way to create an impact. We think of it as an educational and philosophical model that is based on forming individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to live lives in balance with others and their environment, with meaning, purpose, and wisdom, capable of adding value: people who adapt and respond to a world in permanent evolution.

Our goal is to build a culture of thinking in which autonomy is valued and promoted so that each individual achieves a meaningful life, with balance and wisdom.

Balance Wisdom Purpose Sense Meaning


Starting at birth, humans need to develop holistically. All dimensions of development are equally important for the adaptation and performance of the individual in society. For this reason, an internal balance must be reached: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, cognitive, and social stability. An external balance with other individuals, living beings, and their environment, in general, must also be achieved.

Wisdom – Purpose

For VESS, each individual is an active citizen, capable of generating impact. The ultimate goal of education is for individuals to develop their full potential to add value to themselves and others in each situation. This means that, through what they learn in the educational process, they acquire the criteria for conscious and thoughtful choice about which word, action, attitude, or thought is appropriate for each situation. This way, persons are expected to find wisdom in their decisions so that they have a purpose and contribute to a common good that positively impacts individuals and societies.

Sense – Meaning

People’s well-being depends on the meaning or purpose given to their lives. This guides their actions, decisions, as well as the relationships with themselves, with others, and with their environment. Thus, it lays the foundation for their motivation and daily well-being, because it responds to the “why” and “what for” of each moment.

VESS History: Where Does It Come From?

VESS Educational Model

VESS “Meaningful Life with Balance and Wisdom”

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Transforming Societies

VESS is a visionary Educational Model which brings together, in an eclectic manner, the best educational approaches and research in the world, integrating them with a clear objective of forming balanced individuals who live with purpose, adding value to the situations they encounter. VESS goes beyond an academic model: VESS is a lifestyle that impacts individuals and transforms societies.

Thought as a pedagogical strategy

The VESS Model is based on Thinking as a Pedagogical Strategy (PEP), which understands that academic life must transcend the learning of theoretical material and to achieve pedagogical impact, a VESS Thinking Culture must be built into educational institutions.

Culture of thought

We educate students since early childhood using the best educational tools and methodologies to promote holistic development, comprehension, and transfer of what has been learned through the consolidation of analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills. At the same time, we guide teachers and the entire educational community in building a culture of thinking.

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Focus on the student

Students are protagonists in their learning process. Therefore, their contributions, ideas, feelings, and creations are valued and documented. The Model seeks to support them through a holistic development process that encourages analytical, critical, and creative thinking and allows them to reach their potential, improve comprehension, and be ethical, responsible, participatory, and happy citizens.

Focus on the community

We understand that the learning process requires multiple and diverse experiences that facilitate exploration and understanding of the environment. Therefore, the educational community expands beyond the school community. We seek to transcend classrooms and generate an impact in homes and communities through the formation of ethical and empathic citizens who seek to add value through their actions and relationships.

Focus on educators

We work hand in hand with educators, understanding their role as facilitators, researchers, and trainees. Therefore, we provide training and constant support through coaching sessions and collaborative work among teachers belonging to the VESS International Network. We provide assistance in the learning process and implementation of innovative methodologies and tools to bring theory into practice.

Focus on the institution

VESS is an interdisciplinary and flexible pedagogical project, which provides a structure that can be incorporated into any curriculum or academic program from early childhood to higher levels of education. VESS supports the building of a culture of thinking in the institution through the training, support, and formation of coaches and trainers that will make it sustainable over time. VESS also preserves, respects, and adapts to the center’s own identity.



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